The normal knowledge you may known for the PA CD/DVD duplicator

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The normal knowledge you may known for the PA CD/DVD duplicator

Post  Admin on Wed May 12, 2010 12:25 am

If you are In the PA CD/DVD duplicator, then remove the lights will have the lights, "(with Disc In dish)", this is normal. PA CD/DVD duplicatorof the indicator, when there is a bright green dish, long, when reading will shine, green dish in duplication,will flash when the red light, you can conveniently according to the condition of the indicator judgment working condition.

PA CD/DVD duplicator’s cd-r/DVD + R/dvd-r disks cannot read at home DVD player first, please make sure you use the instructions on the player that support cd-r/cd-rw/DVD + R/dvd-r (or other type), if not support plate, please switch to other players can support such disks, look to whether can be normal recognition, If you can do not belong to the fault of the players, but you use read dish performance problems. If a fault, would you please send to the testing service center. It is not the question for PA CD/DVD duplicator.

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