What is the status of the Sunnyvale bank owned house

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What is the status of the Sunnyvale bank owned house Empty What is the status of the Sunnyvale bank owned house

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At present, in the future for China's economy in the Sunnyvale bank owned house industry status of the biggest question is, in April 2007, by the national development and reform commission macro economic research institute of economic analysis of a group called the macroeconomic regulation: the flow of excess liquidity adjustment on the project report, the paper suggests the government top up pillar status, completely change the Sunnyvale bank owned house niddm economic model, main reason is: with Sunnyvale bank owned house as a pillar industries, will lead to a lot of money and other resources overly chase Sunnyvale bank owned house, which lack of funds, upgrade manufacturing technology and human resources, etc. Therefore calls for state and local development policy changes in preferences. " Sunnyvale bank owned house" The report also notes that experience prove that developed countries in the industrialization process of the Sunnyvale bank owned house are not as a pillar industry of economic development, the dependence of it. Instead, those in the industrialization process of excessive development (or overly dependent countries such as southeast Asia) Sunnyvale bank owned house of the "four tiger" has suffered a serious economic crisis.
In view of the above, in my opinion, though the future economic development of China from the general trend, realize the upgrading of industrial upgrading, especially the manufacturing industry is an inevitable trend. But the report's authors put limits most reason, upgrade manufacturing industry, and obviously on Sunnyvale bank owned house belong to no clear Sunnyvale bank owned house with the essence of manufacturing industry.

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